Journal Topics

Welcoming sound research that advances knowledge and practice in healthcare organization management.


The Journal of Healthcare Management Standards covers a variety of areas related to standardization and healthcare organization management. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Best Practices in Healthcare Organization Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Use of Robots and Cobots
  • Capitol (Financial) Management
  • Continuity of Care Standards
  • Electronic Health Records and Reporting
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • People-centered Care
  • Medical Home Models
  • Healthcare Communication Strategies
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Planning and Oversight
  • Healthcare Workforce Training, Empowerment, and Satisfaction
  • Leadership and Accountability
  • Online Statistical Data Collection and Interpretation for Public Health
  • Pandemic Response and Management
  • Patient Admissions and Discharge Approaches
  • PROMS (Patient Related Outcome Measures)
  • Risk Management Through Adaptation of Established Standards
  • Standardization in Digital And E-Health
  • Telemedicine Standards/Protocols
  • Transparency in Standards of Care
  • Waste Reduction and Eco-Friendly Healthcare Organization Management
  • Social, Ethical and Political Context of Health and Well-Being and Analysis of Pertinent Health Policy
  • Healthcare Systems Improvement Related to Adaptation of Procedures, Policies, and Standardization

Call For Papers

The journal invites you to submit scholarship that makes strong empirical and theoretical contributions.  Submissions to the journal should explain how the research helps solve problems often faced by those in healthcare organization management. Authors are encouraged to focus their discussions on proposing solutions to underlying problems through the lens of standardization.

  • To submit a book review or scholarly article, please go to the publisher link for style and submission requirements.: IGI Global
  • To submit a position paper, please follow the above publisher guidelines; however, submit your paper to: