Executive Committees

Committees safeguard the integrity of the assessment and certification process.

Impartiality Safeguarding Committee

In compliance with ISO 17065, and keeping with the upmost professional ethics, the Healthcare Standards Institute certification body has measures in place to safeguard impartiality in all its processes. These measures include a trained Impartiality Committee, procedures for impartiality and risk management, an impartiality risk register, and mandatory top management review of possible threats to impartiality on a yearly basis, or more often as needed.

Complaints and Appeals Committee

Per ISO 17065 and our Certification Agreements with our clients, organizations have the right to make formal complaints and appeals. To ensure the fast and effective review of both, HSI has procedures in place that define both these processes. Committee Members are trained on the appeals processes and HSI maintains an Appeals Register for smooth tracking of appeals. It is our goal to address clients’ concerns in a manner that is client-focused, efficient, effective and leads to the best possible outcomes.

Certification Committee

This committee of professionals is independent of the audit program and makes the final certification decision based on the Lead Auditor’s recommendation. The committee is an impartial entity that ensures that the client’s scope is correct, and that all required audit documentation, objective evidence, and signatures are complete before granting certification.