The Healthcare Standards Institute (HSI) is dedicated to facilitating the development of standards for healthcare organization management (HOM). Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Executive Standards Council (ExSC) as an American Standards Developer, HSI is committed to enhancing the quality, safety and well-being of individuals, while creating and upholding the regulatory standards necessary to maintain a competitive edge for American businesses working in the world of healthcare.

With its national network of experts and strong collaboration, HSI creates the latest in consensus driven industry standards in healthcare. We provide the resources and support necessary to ensure coordinated delivery, efficient management of healthcare, and regulatory compliance. 

Proactively expressing an interest in standardization can help to shape the content and perhaps direction of new standards in healthcare organization management.  HSI Foundation membership brings together a diverse and influential group of individuals, consumer groups, educational institutions, and companies. Through membership, you can be part of the innovation.

Membership Benefits