Journal of Healthcare Management Standards

The Journal of Healthcare Management Standards (JHMS) features high-quality, original research, commentary and correspondence that advance the field of healthcare organization management (HOM) and standardization. Evidence-based content explores the use of voluntary consensus standards, conformity assessment systems, and how publishing standardized processes influence the integrity and effectiveness of HOM.

The Journal is interdisciplinary in scope and welcomes submissions that address all aspects of how standardization of HOM practices can influence patient outcomes. The Journal of Healthcare Management Standards (JHMS) publishes quantitative research as well as qualitative work and purely theoretical or conceptual papers. It is the official publication of the Healthcare Standards Institute.  Click here to learn about the JHMS in the news.

Mission and Scope

The Journal of Healthcare Management Standards (JHMS) endeavors to advance knowledge regarding the positive outcomes of standardization as it relates to healthcare organization management (HOM), including effective practices and performance measures. Interdisciplinary in focus, content explores how standardization affects all aspects of HOM including topics such as patient outcomes, resource utilization, technology, continuity of care, payer systems, stakeholder requirements and continuous improvement.

Within the scope of topics are healthcare entities, those organizations whose principal operations consist of agreeing to provide healthcare services and entities whose primary activities are the planning, organization, and oversight of such entities, such as parent or holding companies of healthcare providers regardless of size.