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The Healthcare Standards Institute (HSI) is the thought leader in healthcare organization management. HSI was strategically formed to align the most innovative, timely and experienced experts and organizations in the industry. Through our System of Excellence, HSI embraces a multilayered approach to improving healthcare delivery. Nothing we do is by chance.  Each activity we undertake, and service we provide, is carefully evaluated to ensure that our thought leadership and dissemination is purposeful and sustainable.

Our System of Excellence


At the Healthcare Standards Institute (HSI), we know that you care about patient outcomes and satisfaction. You care about responsible resource utilization, risk management, compliance, and your workforce. You make decisions every day to improve your processes and results. HSI knows you care. Do your patients, customers, workforce, investors, stakeholders and the communities where you work also know? Certification from the Healthcare Standards Institute is the most effective way to show them your commitment to excellence.


Standards serve as a foundation for services, processes, or product development and performance. They facilitate improvement, reduce business risks, encourage innovation, and support sustainable practices. They are a tool for consumers to understand and compare products and services, and often lead to a competitive edge. Standards can be nationally or internationally adopted, facilitating both domestic and international collaboration.

As consumers we often take standards for granted, yet they are present every day, everywhere, and at all times. They make our world run smoothly, and give us confidence as we navigate a multitude of choices.


The Journal of Healthcare Management Standards (JHMS) features high-quality, original research, commentary and correspondence that advance the field of healthcare organization management and standardization. Evidence-based content explores the use of voluntary consensus standards, conformity assessment systems, and how publishing standardized processes influence the integrity and effectiveness of HOM. The Journal of Healthcare Management Standards is the official journal of the Healthcare Standards Institute.

Foundation and Membership

The HSI Foundation encourages expert participation on many levels. We provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and information about evolving standards before they reach the marketplace. We boast of a diverse team of global change makers. As a participant, you are afforded international reach and influence. Read more about how you or your organization can get involved.

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